AmicusHorizons Mosaic Moments Community Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Newington Court

Sept/ October 2014


Residents were keen to depict a local image and an oast house was chosen as the main theme 

I was impressed by how patiently everyone worked on his or her chosen areas, especially the lady who filled in all the lettering of 'Newington' in small pieces using tweezers!  


The finished piece is displayed on the outside of the residential home at Newington, Kent. 




Bevin Court July/ August 2014


The residents chose a pirate ship theme at the initial consultation. We had a lot of fun creating the underwater shell scape area - using a range of materials including some eggshell covered starfish!


The finished piece is displayed in the Foyer of Bevin Court 


Participants are keen to work on individual mosaic projects and have asked Mosaic Malarky to return to run some more sessions  




St Martins Residential home April/ May 2014



During the initial consultation coffee-morning, it came to light that St Martin is the Patron Saint of wine and indulgence! So it was decided to border a cornucopia of fruits with the Battle Abbey arch and bunches of ripened grapes. We have used various different styles and materials including wooden leaves covered with eggshell mosaic



Royal Terrace, St Leonards

May/ June 2014



The residents involved were keen to

create a crown as the main image due to the namesake of their home and designed the border pattern


The mosaic is displayed at the entrance of the building for all to see



...."More than just a mosaic is the ability to get people to smile. Every time I see our mosaic it reminds me of the good time had in creating it." Jayne Sands


















 Amicus Horizons Mosaic Moments

Torfield Terrace

Residential home

Dec 2013/ Jan 2014


After a lively consultation where several ideas were aired - I decided to go with the Badger and Fox idea as they represent animals who regularly visit the residential gardens and are much loved by the residents involved with the programme.


`It has been very sociable as a group activity. I would like to do more of these craft activities ie felt making, etc... to use our hands and armsdoing something creative`

M Robertson Torfield cose resident

Halton Heights Residential home Nov/Dec 2013


This mosaic is a commemorative piece to celebrate 40 years of Halton Heights residential home

The residents chose to depict Fred the residential budgie in the middle!

It will be displayed as a permanent feature in the entrance hall


"I have enjoyed it very much. Emma was very helpful in all channels" Derrick Barton


"I really enjoyed the mosaic art and watching it grow each week. Very relaxing" Shirley Peters

Thalia House Residential Home July/Aug 2013


This mosaic project became two as residents chose quite different themes. The flower vase developed as an intuitive piece - I drew the vase shape and the ladies worked their magic! The De La Warr was a great challenge involving a good degree of concentration, patience, and diligence! These mosaics were a lot of fun and the participants worked really well together on each piece as a team


Strome House  Residential home July/Aug 2013

This project was a great success as the group really engaged with the mosaic throughout the sessions working on together in their own time as a team

The ideas which came up in the initial consultation were; Handshake, Tree of life, Rainbow and Doves of peace

The mosaic is displayed in the entrance lobby of Strome house

The sign was shown at Hastings college as part of the Older peoples day art exhibition in October 2013